2024 Original Chimera pro tool Chimera Tool PRO Dongle Fully activated dongle (Authenticator)

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2024 Original Chimera pro tool Chimera Tool PRO Dongle Fully activated dongle (Authenticator)

Why use Chimera Tool PRO Dongle (Authenticator)?

It has two useful functions:

Log in without username and password

If the authenticator is registered and connected, the ChimeraTool software will allow you to log in using the authenticator instead of typing-in the username and password. This protects you from key-loggers and you don't have to store or remember your password for ChimeraTool usage.

Carry your license with you!

Until now, your licenses were attached to your PC. You could use the ChimeraTool software on that PC only.

Now, you can attach licenses to your PC or a Chimera Authenticator. You can use a license attached to your authenticator on any PC as long as you log in with the authenticator, not your username/password.

How to use the Chimera Tool PRO Dongle (Authenticator)?

Register the authenticator on the first use:

When you get your authenticator, connect it to the PC, and start ChimeraTool. On the login window, the 'Login with Authenticator' should become enabled. Click on it!

Supported Features

Decode Online*

Firmware Compatibility

Reset FRP Lock

Read Codes

Read Codes Online*

Patch Certificate

Write Cert

Network repair

Reset Screen Lock

Read Cert

Set SIM Count

CSC Change

Reset Reactivation Lock

Firmware Download

MSL Decode

Decode Wipe*

Read Cert For Credits*

SW Change

Carrier Relock*


Restore / Store backup

Device Info

Repair Device Root Key

Reset EE Lock

Read Codes Online #2*



RMM Decode

Repair EFS


Knoxguard Decode

Get Info

Repair IMEI

Reset FRP / Reactivation Lock - UFS

Reset FRP / Reactivation Lock

*This operation requires credits consumption. To purchase Chimera Tool Server Credits, follow this link.